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Our goal is to help in the growth of quality flash fiction both online and in print. This site is dedicated to the discussion of the art and craft of flash fiction, fiction in general, and the issues of writing, marketing, and publishing today.

Flash Fiction Chronicles Staff

  • Founder & Editor Emeritus: Gay Degani
  • Managing Editor: Michael Mattson
  • Contributing Editor: Jessi Cole Jackson (EDF Top Author interviews)

Submission Information

Flash Fiction Chronicles is interested in helping fiction writers create high-quality flash fiction. With that goal in mind, we are open to submissions of non-fiction articles about the craft of writing. We do not publish fiction, except during our annual String-of-10 Flash Fiction Contest.


  • All submissions must be about the craft of writing, except as noted above.
  • The target length of posts is between 200 and 1200 words, although longer pieces will be considered.
  • Examples of what we’re looking for include
    • Craft: story arc, three-act structure, character development, theme, motif, symbolism, metaphor, what makes a hack, settings, set-up and pay-offs.
    • Writing life: finding time, finding content, finding inspiration and motivation.
    • Publishing: how to find venues, how to prepare a manuscript, how to respond to rejection, etc.
  • All submissions should be clean, tight, edited, proofread, and focused on a particular aspect of writing flash fiction, the process of writing, or the discussion of publishing and marketing.
  • You may submit new or previously published blog posts from your own blog.
  • If you are submitting a post that has not appeared elsewhere either in print or online, submit using “Submit Original Article.”
  • If you are submitting an article that has been published elsewhere, submit using “Reprints by Submitting Author.”
  • You must own the rights to your reprinted submission. Yes, we will check.
  • If you are submitting an entry to one of our contests, select the appropriate contest.
  • If your submission is accepted, we will request a brief bio and photo to accompany your post.
  • After an article is posted at Flash Fiction Chronicles, remaining rights revert to the author.

Book Reviews

FFC publishes book reviews written my members of our staff for collections of (primarily) flash fiction. Each post contains one or two reviews of around 500 words each. At this time, we will not review self-published or vanity press volumes. For your book to receive consideration, please send us a file using Submittable (link below) with the following information. DO NOT SEND THE FULL MANUSCRIPT UNTIL WE REQUEST IT.

  • Title of collection:
  • Author’s name (if other than submitter):
  • Publication date:
  • Publisher:
  • Publisher contact name and email address:
  • Total number of pages:
  • Number of
    • flash stories (1500 words or less):
    • short stories:
    • poems:
  • Available formats (print and/or ebook):
  • Brief description or blurb

Please use our Submittable link below to upload your information.

Submission format

  • Use a standard (Courier, Times New Roman, Helvetica) 12pt font.
  • Single space the text with two spaces between paragraphs
  • Do not indent paragraphs
  • If you are submitting an interview, please read a current one for basic formatting style
  • Short paragraphs are better.


Some possible topics

  • Why you write flash.
  • Why you write.
  • Your publishing experiences (good and bad).
  • Your first published piece.
  • How you handle rejection.
  • How I wrote [story title].
  • Strategies you use to keep your head in the game and your fingers on the keyboard.
  • Your experiences with writing groups, seminars, conferences, and classes in general.
  • The most important thing you’ve learned. The best advice.
  • The most obnoxious thing anyone ever told you.
  • How you handle your family/job and still write.
  • How to deal with discouragement.
  • How you learned the craft.
  • What you think is more important craft, or talent, or both.
  • Your process.
  • How you choose your characters.
  • How you get your ideas.
  • Your favorite writing book.
  • What books inspired you to write.

3 Responses to “ ABOUT/SUBMIT ”

  1. DC Cowan says:

    Thank you for your listing of flash fiction articles. I have found them highly informative and inspirational for not only me but also for the self-published authors we help.

  2. Samantha says:


    We would like to promote Epiphany Magazine’s fiction and poetry chapbook competition opening up mid January and were wondering if you might post it on your site. If so, what email should we send the information to?

    Thank you,
    Samantha K. Smith
    Managing Editor
    Epiphany Magazine

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