Flash Fiction Chronicles Series:

 Creating and Publishing Fiction Chapbooks

(with additional articles from Marko Fong and Mark Budman)


Creating a Chapbook, Part 1 (9/10/2012)

How to Get a Fiction Chapbook Published, Part 2 (11/12/2012)

Electronic Chapbooks: A Manifesto Part 1- An Historical Perspective by Marko Fong (10/18/2012)

Electronic Chapbooks: A Manifesto Part 2-Now and Future  by Marko Fong (10/19/2012)

An Insider’s Look At Book Trailers by Mark Budman (3/28/2013)

From Printed Page to Moving Picture: Looking Into Book Trailers, Part 1 (7/11/2013)

From Printed Page to Moving Picture: Looking Into Book Trailers, Part 2 (8/8/2013)

Writers Round-Up: How to Organize a Fiction Collection, Part 1 (2/13/2014)

Writers Round-up: How to Organize a Fiction Collection, Part 2 (2/20/2014)

My Experience As A Publisher: Why Authors Should Be Involved In Book Design by Christopher Bowen (4/10/2014)


Interviews with Chapbook Editors

Matt DeBenedictis at Safety Third Enterprises (12/6/2012)

Nate Jordan of Monkey Puzzle Press  (12/13/2012)

Gloria Mindock at Červená Barva Press (1/10/2013)

Victor David Giron at Curbside Splendor (2/7/2013)

Tammy Lynne Stoner at Gertrude Press (2/21/2013)

Adam Robinson at Chapbook Genius (3/13/2013)

J.A.  Tyler at Mud Luscious Press / Nephew chapbook series (3/20/2013) – Closed, no longer publishing.

Diana Arterian at Gold Line Press.(4/1/2013)

David McNamara at Sunnyoutside Press (4/24/2013)

Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney at Rose Metal Press.(5/9/2013)

Jo-Anne Rosen at Word Runner (5/23/2013)

Christopher Bowen at Burning River Press & Blog (6/13/2013) – No longer publishing chapbooks.

Barry Graham at Achilles (6/20/2013)

Eric Loerborer at Rain Taxi Chapbooks 7/18/2013

Nicole Reid at Ropewalk (8/15/2013)

Roxane Gay at Tiny Hardcore Press (9/12/2013)

Sumanth Prabhaker at Madras Press (9/19/2013)

Evan Kingston at Red Bird Chapbooks (10/17/2013)

Randall Brown at Matter Press (10/24/2013)

Erin McKnight at firthFORTH Books (11/14/2013)

David LaBounty at Overtime (11/21/2013)

Dan Waber at Naissance Chapbooks (12/12/2013)

Ander Monson at DIAGRAM and New Michigan Press (1/9/2014)

Matt Potter at Pure Slush (1/16/2014)


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