Gay DeganiSee call for applicants to join the FFC staff below*

by Gay Degani


On Saturday, I clicked on the very first article we posted at Flash Fiction Chronicles.  It was by beloved Every Day Fiction writer, Sarah Hilary, entitled : “Historical Flash – (Re)Living the Moment” on Sunday, March 22, 2009.  Since then we have published 663 posts including this one almost four years later.

It has been a wonderful adventure for me as founder and editor of this off-shoot from Every Day Publishing.  However, the time has come for me to retire from FFC.  With my husband retired and our children on their own, we are busier than ever and the day-to-day duties of keeping up a blogzine moving along have begun to erode my precious time to write.  I know you writers out there get this.

I’m sticking around for March and April to follow through on all the articles we have in our queue including the results of the String-of 10 5 Flash Fiction Contest in mid-March and for the interviews of the winners in April. I will continue indefinitely the FFC ‘s”Daily Prompts” at Facebook and to contribute the occasional article or interview.  I can’t give this up completely.

You can keep up with me and my writing at Words in Place or Facebook or FB Gay Degani-Author.


 Interim Managing Editor

jimharrington2FFC’s “Interim” Managing Editor is Jim Harrington. Jim has worked at FFC as Markets editor since April 2011. His first FCC post, “Finding Story Ideas,”  appeared in 2010. He’s taught a Flash Fiction course for Muse Online Writers Conference and Savvy Authors.  He published his first flash story in 2007. His stories have appeared in Liquid Imagination, Ink Sweat and Tears,  Near to the Knuckle, Flashes in the Dark, and others. “Redlining” was chosen for inclusion in Pulp Ink, a collection of crime stories. “Ralph’s Ruse” appeared in the Valentine collection, Love Hurts, published by Eric’s Hysterics editor, Eric M. Bosarge. Jim’s Six Questions For . . . blog provides editors and publishers a place to “tell it like it is.” You can read more of his stories at Jim’s Fiction.


Permanent Staff

Aliza Greenblatt will also be taking on more editorial responsibilities.  She is currently a “roving” reporter responsible for EDF’s Top Story Author interview.  Aliza T. Greenblatt works in a firmly non-writing field when the sun is up and writes under a desk lamp at night.  Fueled by a sheer love of books and a tyrannical imagination, she writes the stories that appear over her morning coffee and won’t leave her alone until they are put down on paper.  She writes, raves, and blogs at The Domain of A. T. Greenblatt and on Twitter @AtGreenblatt.aliza smallest


*Call for Applicants:

FFC would like to add two more editors to the regular staff.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this successful enterprise, or have questions about these positions, please email Jim Harrington at Include FFC in the subject line.

Specifically, Jim is looking for a technical editor to maintain the editorial calendar and to perform the final editing and formatting of posts. The fourth editor, title to be determined, will be responsible for taking ideas we’d like to see addressed and researching them further.