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1. ”Map Reading” by Helen Rossiter, winner of Alice Munro Prize 2013, suggested by Rose Gardener. http://alicemunrofestival.ca/?p=840

2. “Drinking in the Loons” by Stephen MacKinnon in Carve Magazine suggested by David James. http://carvezine.com/2007-spring-mackinnon/

3.  “Water Liars” by Barry Hannah in Garden and Gun Magazine suggested by David James. http://gardenandgun.com/article/water-liars-barry-hannah

4.  “Pounds across America” by Meg Pokrass in Wigleaf Magazine suggested by David James.  http://wigleaf.com/200811pounds.htm

5. “Turkey” by Andrew F. Sullivan in Hobart suggested by Neil Serven. http://www.hobartpulp.com/web_features/turkey

6. “The Visitation” by Brad Watson in The New Yorker suggested by David James. http://www.newyorker.com/…/06/090406fi_fiction_watson

7. “The Sentence is Always Death” by Ken Gerber and Brian Hirt in Daily Science Fiction suggested by Von Rupert. http://dailysciencefiction.com/…/the-sentence-is-always

8.  “He Pulled Me From the Sea” by Frank Haberle in Smokelong Quarterly suggested by Jim Harrington. http://www.smokelong.com/flash/1816.asp

9. “Grackles” by Barry Basden posted on Fictionaut suggested by David James. http://fictionaut.com/stories/barry-basden/grackles.

10. “The Prune Eaters”by Alex Pruteanu in Brick Rhetoric suggested by Susan Tepper. http://brickrhetoric.org/2012/02/25/the-prune-eaters-by-alex-pruteanu/

11. “Remembering Awe” by Mira Desai in Pure Slush suggested by Susan Tepper. http://pureslush.webs.com/rememberingawe.htm

12. “Mother in the Trenches” by Robert Olen Butler in Narrative suggested by Susan Tepper. http://www.narrativemagazine.com/issues/stories-week-2009%E2%80%932010/mother-trenches

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14. “Making it Right” by Jane Hammons in Camroc Press Review suggested by Barry Basden. http://www.camrocpressreview.com/2010/11/jane-hammons.html

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16. “Husk of Hare” by Christopher Allen  at Referential Magazine suggested by Robert Vaughan. http://referentialmagazine.com/archive/fiction-2011/husk-of-hare/

17. “Speed Date” by Meg Tuite at Wigleaf suggested by Robert Vaughan. http://wigleaf.com/201404speed.htm

18. “Dead Letters” by Gary Moshimer in Camroc Press Review suggested by Barry Basden. http://www.camrocpressreview.com/search/label/Gary%20Moshimer

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20. “maybe” by DsD in Camroc Press Review suggested by Barry Basden.http://www.camrocpressreview.com/2009/11/dsd_21.html

21. “Losers” by Megan Lent at Shabby Doll House suggested by Robert Vaughan.  http://shabbydollhouse.com/loser

22.  “Dressing Room Fashion Show From An Ex-Fiancee in Iowa” by Mike Joyce at The Molotov Cocktail suggested by Robert Vaughan http://themolotovcocktail.com/volume-4/vol-4-issue-1/dressingroom/

23. “Tuesday Afternoon” by xTx in Camroc Press Review suggested by Barry Basden. http://www.camrocpressreview.com/2009/09/xtx_27.html

24. “Messes of Men” by Michael J Seidlinger’s (an excerpt) at Atticus Review suggested by Robert Vaughan. http://atticusreview.org/messes-of-men-an-excerpt/

25. “Forging” by Jane Hammons in kill author suggested by Carol Reid. http://killauthor.com/issuesixteen/jane-hammons/

26.  “Triplets” by Len Kuntz at JMWW, Spring 2013 issue suggested by Robert Vaughan. http://jmww.150m.com/Kuntz.html

27. “Leaving Lena” Jeanann Verlee’ at JMWW Journal suggested by Robert Vaughan. http://jmww.150m.com/Verlee.html

28. “Last Night in Big Sur” by Sara Lippmann at Flycatcher Magazine suggested by Robert Vaughan. http://www.flycatcherjournal.org/2-lippmann-big-sur.php

29.  “Healthy Start” by Etgar Keret in Tin House suggested by Alex Pruteanu. http://www.tinhouse.com/blog/13255/from-the-vault-etgar-keret.html

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31. “They Will Tear You Apart” by  Bud Smith at Zygote in my Coffee suggested by Robert Vaughan. http://zygoteinmycoffee.com/100s/issue141theywilltearyou.html

32. “The Embassy of Cambodia” by Zadie Smith in The New Yorker suggested by Christopher James. http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2013/02/11/130211fi_fiction_smith?currentPage=all

33.  “The Naturals”by Sam Lipsyte in The New Yorker suggested by Michael Dwayne Smith. http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2014/05/05/140505fi_fiction_lipsyte

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37. “The Abridged Biography of an American Sniper” by Linda Simoni-Wastila in Smokelog Quarterly suggested by Susan Tepper.  http://www.smokelong.com/flash/lindasimoniwastila38q.asp

38. “I Named the Stars for You” by James Claffey in Blue Fifth Review suggested by Nate Tower. http://bluefifthreview.wordpress.com/

39. “Annette and Florian” by Beate Sigriddaughter in Eclectica suggested by Susan Tepper. http://www.eclectica.org/v17n4/sigriddaughter.html

40. “Piglets” by Rae Bryant published at Matter Press suggested by Christopher Allen.  http://matterpress.com/journal/2013/02/25/piglets/

41. “What Rachel Didn’t Know” by Denise Howard Long in Burrow Press Review suggested by Liz Wallace. http://www.burrowpressreview.com/what-rachel-didnt-know-denise-h-long/

42. “The Cartoonist” by Kathy Fish (originally at elimae) suggested by Christopher Allen. http://kathy-fish.com/2014/05/06/microfiction-the-cartoonist/

43.  “Heart” by Ethel Rohan at Connotation Press suggested by Christopher Allen. (scroll)  http://www.connotationpress.com/fiction/1632-ethel-rohan-fiction

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46. “Salvador Dali Eyes” by Douglas Campbell, winner of the Press 53 Flash Fiction Contest, published at SmokeLong Quarterly suggested by Christopher Allen. http://www.smokelong.com/flash/douglascampbell43q.asp

47. “Swim” by Owen Vince, winner of the Press 53 Flash Fiction Contest, published at Prime Number Magazine suggested by Christopher Allen.http://www.primenumbermagazine.com/Issue47_PrimeDecimals3.html#anchor_700

48. “Lithopedion” by Randall Brown, winner of the Press 53 Flash Fiction Contest, published at Metazen suggested by Christopher Allen. http://www.metazen.ca/?p=15302

49. “Puppy Wonderland” by Nadine Darling at Eclectica suggested by Timothy Gager. http://www.eclectica.org/v10n2/darling.html

50.  “Written in the Bones” by Christopher M. Jones and illustrated by Cary Pietsch at Carey Draws suggested by Jane Hammons. http://careydraws.tumblr.com/post/74224444875/written-in-the-bones-new-comic-written-by

51.  “Her Hair” by Erica Stern at Metazen suggested by Christopher Allen. http://www.metazen.ca/?p=15813

52. “The Girls” by Rachel Sherman at n+1 suggested by Sara Lippmann. https://nplusonemag.com/online-only/online-only/the-girls/

53. “Shadow Play” by Stephen V Ramey at Every Day Fiction suggested by J. Chris Lawrence. http://www.everydayfiction.com/shadow-play-by-stephen-v-ramey/

54. “A Glimpse” by Jen Knox at Fiction Southeast suggested by Michelle Elvy. http://fictionsoutheast.com/fs/?p=5931

55.  “A Woman on her Way to Work” by Chris Okum at Fictionaut suggested by Michelle Elvy. http://fictionaut.com/stories/chris-okum/a-woman-on-her-way-to-work

56. “Houseboy” by Sara Lippmann in Bull suggested by Jane Hammons. http://bullmensfiction.com/fiction/houseboy/

57. “Luring” by Jane Hammons at Tupelo Quarterly suggested by Sara Lippman. http://www.tupeloquarterly.com/luring-by-jane-hammons/

58. “We Three” by Frankie McMillan at Truck suggested by Michelle Elvy. http://halvard-johnson.blogspot.com/2013/08/frankie-mcmillan.html  (scroll down, mid-page)

59. “Heartworm” by Zoe Meager in Penduline suggested by Michelle Elvy. http://www.pendulinepress.com/author-article-archives/heartworm-2/

60. “The Light Eater” by Kirsty Logan at the Scottish Book Trust suggested by Michelle Elvy. http://www.scottishbooktrust.com/myfavouriteplace/womans-hour-on-bbc-radio-4/kirsty-logan

61. “The Hard Years” by Emma Lincoln Pattee in Carve Magazine suggested by Leesa Cross-Smith. http://carvezine.com/2013-winter-pattee/

62. “Steaks” by Guy Anthony de Marco at Every Day Fiction suggested by Kathy Kingston. http://www.everydayfiction.com/steaks-by-guy-anthony-de-marco/

63. “Birthday Cake” by Rayne Gasper in Word Riot suggested by Leesa Cross-Smith. http://www.wordriot.org/archives/6775

64. “The Siege Of Eristavis” by Tara Isabella Burton in the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review suggested by Virgie Townsend. http://thedoctortjeckleburgreview.com/2013/03/25/fiction-the-siege-of-eristavis/

65. “See Jane” by Kathy Fish in Together We Can Bury It suggested by Virgie Townsend. http://kathy-fish.com/2014/04/06/flash-fiction-see-jane/

66. “Mornings with Teenage Genius” by Jacob Drud, at Every Day Fiction suggested by Sarah Crysl Akhtar. http://www.everydayfiction.com/mornings-with-teenage-genius-by-jakob-drud/

67.  “How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps” by A. Merc Rustad in Scigentasy suggested by Alexis A. Hunter. http://www.scigentasy.com/how-to-become-a-robot/

68. “The Art of Memory” by Annam Manthiram in Camroc Press Review suggested by Barry Basden. http://www.camrocpressreview.com/2010/07/annam-manthiram.html

69. “Tenderoni” by Kathy Fish at Smokelong Quarterly suggested by Ellen Parker. http://www.smokelong.com/flash/kathyfish22.asp

70. “The Meat Sweats” by Michael Czyzniejewski in SmokeLong Quarterly suggested by Matthew Dexter. http://www.smokelong.com/flash/michaelczyzniejewski42q.asp

71. “Treading Water” by Amanda Miska in Storychord suggested by Leesa Cross-Smith. http://www.storychord.com/2014/04/issue-81-amanda-miska-georgia-ponirakou.html

72. “Birdman” by Gary Moshimer at Necessary Fiction suggested by Matthew Dexter. http://necessaryfiction.com/stories/GaryMoshimerBirdman

73. “Year of the Queerling” by Joseph Dante at Metazen suggested by Christopher Allen. http://www.metazen.ca/?p=15641

74. “A Haunt of Memory” by Tara Masih at Awkword Paper Cut in video-story form suggested by Michelle Elvy. http://www.awkwordpapercut.com/tara-l-masih-2013-07.html

75. “Providence” by Christopher Allen at Pure Slush suggested by Michelle Elvy. http://pureslush.webs.com/providence.htm

76. “Dancing with the One-Armed Gal” by Tim Gautreaux in Zoetrope All-Story suggested by David James. http://www.all-story.com/issues.cgi?action=show_story&story_id=42&part=all

77.”Natural History” by Daniel Enjay Wong at  Metazen suggested by Christopher Allen. http://www.metazen.ca/?p=15132

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90. “Aquarium” by Nadine Darling in SmokeLong Quarterly suggested by Dave Clapper. So many lines in it are eminently quotable. http://smokelong.com/flash/4047.asp

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98. . “One Trip Abroad” by F. Scott Fitzgerald suggested by Matthew Dexter. http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/f/fitzgerald/f_scott/short/chapter33.html

99. “Show-and-Tell” by George Singleton in Atlantic Monthly suggested by David James. http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/2001/07/singleton.htm

100. “The Guy” by Isaac Boone Davis at Two Hawks Quarterly suggested by Virgie Townsend. http://twohawksquarterly.com/2013/12/04/the-guy-by-isaac-davis/

101. “The Good Book” by Cynthia Larsen at Hobart Pulp suggested by Meg Pokrass. http://www.hobartpulp.com/web_features/the-good-book

102. “While You Were Away” by Tara Laskowski in matchbook suggested by Gay Degani. http://www.matchbooklitmag.com/laskowski.html

103. “A Few Bedbugs” by Susan Tepper in Cape Fear Review suggested by Bonnie ZoBell. http://capefearreview.com/?p=236


Part 7 of Flash Fiction Chronicles’ ongoing series, “Creating and Publishing a Flash Chapbook” by Bonnie ZoBell.”  Click HERE to find links to the entire series which includes articles and interviews by Bonnie ZoBell and Marko Fong.

by Bonnie ZoBell 

The busy Victor David Giron is with us today to talk about flash fiction chapbooks from his perspective as president, publisher, and accountant of Curbside Splendor Publishing based in Chicago and carried by Consortium Distribution based out of Minneapolis. The publishing outfit includes the imprints Curbside Splendor the journal, which looks for gritty, real, “urban” prose, poetry, and photography. And then there’s Another Chicago Magazine (ACM), which is more of a themed issue. And now Curbside Splendor also has Artifice Magazine, which seeks work that’s aware of its own artifice, and Artifice Books, which will start publishing books next year. Victor is a CPA and bar owner who says he can’t let go of his desire to be a philosopher. He started Curbside Splendor in 2009 to publish his debut coming-of-age novel Sophomoric Philosophy, but then was “like dang, publishing is fun,” and so here we are. Sophomoric Philosophy won Latino Literacy Now’s 2011 Latino Books into Movies Award. Victor’s short stories have been published in several literary journals.

BZ:  Hello, Victor. Glad you had some time to talk today.

VDG:  Hey, what’s up?  No problem, happy to talk.

 BZ:  What would you say Curbside Splendor Publishing is looking for in the way of fiction chapbook submissions?

VDG:  We look for stuff that’s punchy, that we’re excited about both in the writing and the fact that the author is someone who we think is writing great stuff but also has a vision, a dedication to promoting themselves.

BZ:  Does Curbside Splendor have a philosophy?

VDG:  We seek to play our part in supporting independent publishing and to publish work that is found interesting and entertaining by the casual urban reader.  We view our authors as brands and as partners.  We work hard to, and quite enjoy, promoting our authors and getting their books discussed by the press. We view ourselves as extensions of our author’s creative machine.

 BZ:  What mistakes do you see writers making who submit to you?

VDG:  Mainly that they haven’t edited their work well enough, and also they haven’t taken the time to understand what we’re seeking by reading the work we’ve published and are just blindly submitting.

 BZ:  What’s your idea of a perfect submission?

VDG:  I don’t know if there is such a thing.  Reviewing and accepting submissions can be pretty subjective.  We’re not pretending or advocating that we’re accepting only the *best* writing.  We’re self-funded, not affiliated with a university or public funding, and so we’re simply accepting books that we as individuals feel we should put our time and money behind.  Our staff members have regular (or irregular) jobs, some of us are parents, and we’re all writers ourselves.  So Curbside is this vehicle we use to publish and promote creative writing and art we’re excited about, that we’re inspired by, and we just think tons of people should be reading it.

BZ:  Name a few writers whose chapbooks you’ve published and tell us a few words about their books.

VDG:  There’s Franki Elliot, or at least that’s what she calls herself.  We published her first book, a small little pocketbook, Piano Rats, in 2011.  It’s 44 short raunchy pieces that cross across prose and poetry.  She works in the music industry and writes on the side, quite a lot, and we discovered that she had self-published a version of Piano Rats and dug the book so much that we decided to re-release it at a wider scale and have since agreed to publish her second book Kiss As Many Women As You Can in 2013. There’s Michael Czyzniejewski, the beer vendor / collegiate creative writing instructor whose chapbook Chicago Stories:  40 Dramatic Fictions we published in 2012.  It’s an amazing collection of 40 flash fictions each told in the persona of a famous Chicagoan and illustrated by Chicago artist Rob Funderburk.  And then there’s Amber Sparks, the Washington DC-based author whose short stories have been published all over the Internet, and we put together a volume of them in a handsome book called May We Shed These Human Bodies designed by Alban Fischer.  She’s a powerful writer whose work mesmerizes, drawing upon mythologies and fables for inspiration. 

BZ:  If you could put a fold-out in one of your chapbooks, who or what would it be of?

VDG: Um, I don’t know.  Marilyn Monroe I guess, because she’s hot and I love all her quotes.

 BZ: Talk a little about the production of your chapbooks. What size are they? How are they made? How much color do you use? What is the page range of most of them?

VDG:  Our standard ones are 5 x 8, about 150 pages long, though the smallest Piano Rats was only 72 pages long and it’s 4 x 6, and the largest now is this huge 10 x 10, 240 page-long anthology about beds and the things that happen there called The Way We Sleep coming out soon (though I suppose that’s no longer a chapbook).  TWWS will feature prose along with color comics.  We have one chapbook that featured color drawings, a romance poetry book called The Chapbook:  Poems by Charles Bane Jr. that came out in 2011. We’ve since started a bilingual imprint called Concepción Books under which we’ll publish another book utilizing color called Always / Siempre, a collaborative photo-poem book by Helen Vitoria and B.L. Pawelek. The book will be stunning with color pages and photographs. So we’re definitively into using color when it makes sense, but plenty of our other books feature art in black and white because that also makes sense sometimes. We like using Lightning Source to print because they’re an “on-demand” printer and allow a ton of flexibility from a print-run perspective—we can set our print runs based on demand basically. Their quality is good, but they’re limited in terms of print sizes and color, so when we want to get highly creative we us other “traditional” printers.  Lightning Source is improving all the time though.

 BZ:  Do you accept manuscripts all year round or only during certain times of the year?

VDG:  Yeah, we pretty much are always open. Check the guidelines to know what’s up.  For books, it’s basically you email us a pitch, a query letter / email telling us about your book and yourself, and if we think we can get behind it, we’ll ask for more. 

BZ: Are you interested in chapbooks from new writers who haven’t had books or chapbooks published before?

VDG:  Yes. See Franki Elliot, who had never been published anywhere before. Some of our more recent and now planned projects are with more “established” writers or brands, but that’s because they dug us and we dug them and got to working on something.  But as we work with these more established writers to bring out their projects, we’ll continue to seek out the diamonds in the rough and work to put their work out as well.

BZ:  How many stories in the chapbooks submitted to you do you like to see already published?

VDG:  It ranges from zero (again see Franki Elliot’s Piano Rats) to 100% (Amber Sparks and Michael Czyzniejewski).  It’s good if the work has been published as it means the author has built appeal / a potential fan base, but not always necessary. In general I would say that if you are compiling a story collection, you should try as hard as you can to get them published. It only helps, plus you can get a sense as to what objective readers think of your work.

BZ: Any last advice or tips you’d like to give writers?

VDG:  Keep writing, keep editing, have other objective readers like not your mom or sister read your work and give you feedback.  Read your work aloud.  Go to your local open-mic and throw it down, even if it scares the crap out of you.  Have fun with it. Pour yourself into it.  Make sure you take the time to know the publishers you’re submitting to because it pays off.  Oh, yeah, and read, a lot, and go out and experience stuff.

BZ:  Thanks so much for all this valuable information, Victor.


Bonnie ZoBell’s fiction chapbook THE WHACK-JOB GIRLS is forthcoming with Monkey Puzzle Press in March 2013 and her short story collection WHAT HAPPENED HERE is forthcoming with Press 53 in spring 2014. She’s received an NEA, the Capricorn Novel Award, a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award, and a spot on Wigleaf’s Top 50. Her work has appeared in Night Train, The Greensboro Review, New Plains Review, PANK, Connotation Press, and elsewhereShe received an MFA from Columbia, currently teaches at San Diego Mesa College, and is Associate Editor of The Northville Review. More of her work can be found at www.bonniezobell.com.